What to Look for in Your Short Term Car Insurance Broker

A lot of people will tell you a lot of different things when you ask what to look for in a carinsurancefor1day.co.uk short term car insurance plan. Are excesses important? Sure, if you care about money and that sort of thing. What about accident coverage? Only if you expect to crash or be crashed into. How about low monthly premiums, surely that should play a part in your decision? Again, if youíre on a budget, sure. These things are all well and good, but the most important factor isnít in the plan itself, itís the broker.

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Now, I know what youíre thinking, after all, I too was once wandering alone and distraught in the nigh incomprehensible desert of insurance statistics and benefits charts. Hereís a secret though: none of that matters if you have the right broker. Here are some important characteristics and talents to keep in mind when choosing the right short term car insurance broker.

1) Do they have good hygiene? You can tell a lot about an insurance broker by how they smell. Mainly you can tell whether or not they shower (most donít) and if they use deodorant (most do). In fact, you can usually answer this question by asking to see inside the boot of the insurance brokerís car. Donít be surprised if itís filled entirely with Ritz Crackers, 50 bars of deodorant, and a feral cat. These are the hygienic tools of a highly successful short term car insurance salesman. No one knows why, and no one really wants to ask.

2) Are they a robot? Remember all those factors we talked about in the first paragraph? Well, they all involve a lot of numbers, and do you know whoís really good with numbers? Robots, thatís who. If you have a robot for a short term car insurance broker you can rest assured that each calculation of your monthly premium or your deductible will be absolutely correct to the 100th decimal point. Just donít expect compassion when your car explodes. Not because heís a robot, thatís just a general rule for car insurance brokers.

3) Can they juggle? No, this isnít a metaphor. We donít mean multi-tasking so that your claim is filed in a prompt manner with all the paperwork going to the right people. We mean can he juggle and, if so, what size objects? Are we talking only handkerchiefs? A good short term car insurance salesman should be able to juggle items larger than a watermelon and living creatures at a 5:1 ratio, all at once. Always ask for a demonstration of this upfront. If you do it while inspecting the boot of his car, the living creature requirement for juggling can be fulfilled using the cat.

Many people overlook the above three factors when shopping for short term car insurance. Donít fall into that trap. Know before you buy.


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